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Military Specification Packaging

Military Packaging

Mil Spec Packaging

At RBL Industries we take shipping seriously, and with our extensive professional experience we are capable of designing and manufacturing packaging solutions that meet even the strictest specifications.

From mil spec poly bags to large wooden shipping containers for complex parts and equipment — we’ve had the opportunity to provide a variety of packaging solutions for the United States Military, the Government, and a number of leading defense contractors.

Custom solutions for critical military specification packaging requirements

At RBL, we’re focused on quality, precision, and reliability and we’re confident that we can meet even the strictest mil spec packaging requirements to make delivery simple, fast, secure and effective.

To meet our customers’ demands for high quality and cost effective military spec packaging, we combine professional engineering, consultation services, and extensive testing for every customer to ensure that the end result is always the best result. Every day, our packaging experts use their knowledge of military spec packaging to provide the best military packaging services available, consistently meeting demanding requirements to make the entire shipping process easier.

We have the military spec packaging with the exact specifications you need

  • Mil spec barrier materials
  • Military spec reusable fast packs
  • Mil spec dessicant bags
  • Mil spec anti static bags
  • Mil spec anti moisture bags
  • Mil spec poly bags
  • Mil spec shipping crates
  • Mil spec shipping boxes
  • Mil spec corrugated plastic shipping boxes
  • Mil spec flexible barrier materials
  • Mil spec ordinance wrap
  • And more…

For more on military spec packaging at RBL Industries, please don’t hesitate to call 1.800.234.5711 or .

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Need expert mil spec packaging? RBL provides the best military specification packaging services available, consistently meeting demanding requirements to make the entire military packaging and shipping process easier.