Custom Foam Packaging

Competitive pricing, high quality, and fast turn-around times

RBL specializes in engineering custom solutions for your packaging requirements, no matter how simple or complex. We have the capability of fabricating custom foam to your packaging needs using traditional polyurethane, polyethylene, Viscose, and a number of "next generation" foams.

For every custom foam packaging solution our goal is to offer the competitive pricing, high quality, and fast turn-around times that our customers require. These industries frequently include military, medical food service, cosmetics, general industry, manufacturing, and many others.

The best technology for the safest foam packaging

When you need foam for packaging, the last thing you want is limitations. At RBL, we’re experts at engineering effective custom and convoluted foam packaging in the materials that suit your unique shipping needs. We strive to say “yes, we can” to your foam packaging inquiries, whether they require materials like polyurethane or the latest foam materials. Needless to say, available custom foam packaging options are extensive.

Custom foam packaging from RBL may include:

  • Convoluted foam
  • Fabricated & Molded EPS
  • Custom End Cap Molding
  • Fabricated & Molded Foam Products
  • Foam dunnage
  • Foam laminates for packaging
  • Foam/Corrugated Laminates
  • Laminated foam packaging
  • Laminated foam packaging plates
  • Polyethylene foam packaging
  • Polyurethane foam packaging
  • Viscose foam packaging
  • Slow-recovery foam used for medical bedding
  • Die cut & water jet cutting
  • Viscose Foam
  • and a wide variety of custom foam packaging solutions

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