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When it comes to the various packing supplies available for shipping sensitive products around the world, you need packaging that provides a higher level of protection and reliability. That’s where VCI Packaging comes in.
At RBL, we’re experts with it comes to providing shipping and packaging solutions that meet even the strictest specifications. Given the fact that VCI packaging was developed for the military to safely and cost effectively ship metal products, it’s no surprise that defense contractors are some of our most frequent return customers for VCI packaging.

Regardless of your industry, when shipping sensitive metal parts and products, you can’t take any changes. That’s why electronics distributors and defense contractors around the world entrust their products to VCI corrosion inhibiting packaging products from RBL.

VCI Packaging from RBL: Designed and Manufactured to Give

Paper and poly VCI packaging from RBL Industries is specially designed and manufactured to protect both ferrous and nonferrous metals throughout the shipping process, giving you the peace of mind that your products are reliably protected from corrosion before, during, and after they ship.

Benefits of VCI paper and poly packaging from RBL Industries include:

  • VCI packaging is non toxic and recyclable
  • VCI packaging materials provide excellent protection against moisture.
  • VCI vapors effectively permeate otherwise inaccessible parts of your product
  • VCI packaging eliminates the need for messy liquid and oil anti rust agents
  • VCI packaging materials provide give you long term, corrosion free storage.

How does VCI Packaging Work?

A volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) is a chemical compound contained in packaging that emits a vapor in the air that inhibits rust and corrosion on a metal surface. In most cases, the packaging material  (commonly poly film or paper) is the medium for the VCI chemicals.  VCI packaging lets you take advantage of custom designed packaging from RBL Industries with the added benefit of highly effective corrosion resistance that seriously lasts.
For military packaging, defense contractors, electronics distributors and heavy metal equipment, custom VCI packaging from RBL is the solution. To learn more, contact us today.

For more information about the industries we service with our packaging supplies, please don’t hesitate to call 1.800.234.5711 or .

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