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VCI paper from RBL Industries: Keeping Your Products Corrosion Free

At RBL, our goal is to be the one stop solution you turn to when you need packaging supplies. As part of that initiative, we offer advanced VCI paper, engineered for outstanding corrosion resistance while providing a level of cost efficiency that you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else.

With VCI paper available in a number of sizes and types, we’re confident that when you need to protect metal products of every variety – anti rust paper from RBL will fit the bill every time. To achieve the best result and deliver the most effective corrosion resistance, we offer multiple kinds of VCI paper in varying thicknesses and with different rust inhibiting characteristics. This way, you get the VCI paper that suits your specific application best so that you can ship your products confidently every time.

Need a thicker paper that won’t tear for wrapping components like gears and bearings? No problem.

Or maybe you need a thick, waxed VCI paper to withstand harsher conditions and longer shelf life. We can help there too.

Are you working with multiple kinds of metal and hoping to prevent galvanic corrosion (which occurs when two different metals cause corrosion on one another)? We have a paper that can handle that as well.

Your Number One Source for VCI Paper

At RBL, our goal is to be your solution with products and service you can rely on every step of the way. Whether that means providing basic VCI paper for your products or more advanced anti rust paper that will withstand time, moisture, and handling – we’re confident that we can help.

For more information on VCI paper available from RBL Industries, speak with one of our friendly representatives today.

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